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Here is a trivia quiz designed to test your knowledge of the history of Clemson Tigers Football. The questions begin with the foundation of the program and end with the modern era. Some of the questions are fairly easy while others you may find extremely difficult. The answers are posted at the bottom of the quiz. Good luck!

1. In what year was the first Clemson football game played?
2. What color were the original uniforms?
3. Which Clemson head football coach originated the center snap, handoff, double lateral and the "flea-flicker" while leading Clemson to a 19-3-2 record during his four seasons from 1900-1903?
4. True or False: Clemson and SC suspended their rivalry in football for six years due to an altercation between fans after a game in the early 1900's.
5. Name the four positions that the legendary Banks McFadden played for Clemson
6. Who was the only head coach in Clemson football history to win the conference championship in his first year?
7. What did Clemson football head coach Frank Howard throw into each of the four corners of Memorial Stadium as it was being built?
8. In a game against Boston College in 1948, this LB that Clemson head football coach Frank Howard called "Dumb Dumb" hit a BC player so hard it knocked him out of his shoes and out of the game. He went on to knock three other BC players out of the game and prompted the BC QB to plead with the ref to do something about it. Name him.
9. True or False: It is SC state law that the Clemson Tigers and SC Gamecocks must play each other in football every year.
10. Clemson was one of the seven original members of the ACC formed in 1953. Name the other six.
11. What was the rivalry between the Clemson and SC football teams referred to up until 1960?
12. The ACC passed a rule in 1960 which required ACC student athletes to have a minimum SAT score of what?
13. In what year did the Clemson football team begin rubbing Howard's Rock before their home games?
14. True or False: During Clemson head football coach Hootie Ingram's (Howard's successor) tenure for three seasons from 1970-1972, the Tigers only ran down The Hill one time.
15. Who caught the TD pass in 1977 which ended the Tigers' 18-year bowl drought and gave them a victory over the Gamecocks 31-27?
16. In Danny Ford's first game as head football coach at Clemson, his team defeated Ohio State University in the Gator Bowl. Who was the Clemson player who intercepted a pass and then got punched by OSU coach Woody Hayes?
17. True or False: SC's Heisman Trophy winning RB, George Rogers, never scored a TD against the Tigers defense in his entire career.
18. During the Clemson Tigers' 1981 National Championship season, the Tigers defense set the school record (which still stands to this day) for what category or statistic?
19. What was the name of the infamous gadget play that FSU coach Bobby Bowden used against Clemson in 1988?
20. Prior to Ken Hatfield's first year as Clemson head football coach in 1990, the Tigers had never lost a game on the gridiron to what conference opponent?
21. Tommy West was the head football coach of what university before coming to Clemson?
22. Who holds the Clemson record for rushing yards by a QB?
23. There was only one team which shutout Clemson during Tommy Bowden's career as head football coach. Name the team.
24. Name the Clemson QB who never lost to the Gamecocks during his entire four year playing career.
25. Gaines Adams was selected by what team as the fourth overall selection in the 2007 NFL Draft?

Answers: 1.1896 2. Purple+gold 3. John Heisman 4. True 5. QB, RB, DB, P 6. Frank Howard 7. Chewing tobacco 8. Stephen "Wyndie" Wyndham 9. True 10. MD, Duke, UNC, NCSU, WF, SC 11. Big Thursday 12. 800 13. 1967 14. True 15. Jerry Butler 16. Charlie Bauman 17. True 18. Turnovers 19. Puntrooskie 20. UVA 21. Univ. Tenn. Chattanooga 22. Woodrow Dantzler 23. UGA 24. Charlie Whitehurst 25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
How did you score?
0-10: Not too good
11-15: Not too bad
16-20: Impressive
21-25: The CU Sports Information office wants to speak with you about a job
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